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The instructions with the kit say to start with the floorboards and then do the tunnel. However, at this point, I was a bit reluctant to glue anything down to the floorboards in case I had to remove them later. So, I decided to start with the toe boards and then move on to the tunnel. The two toe board pieces fitted very well, with little or no trimming, except for a small cut for molding around the frame rail. The instructions say to use heavy duty upholstery adhesive but, because I am somewhat directionally challenged when using the spray adhesive, I decided to brush on contact cement. That worked well, but not quite well enough; the spray adhesive, 3M 08090, was considerably better. MGA Koolmat Kit Fig 3

Next, I did the rear tunnel. This required a cut-out for the parking brake, and the position already marked on the piece was almost exact. The front tunnel was a little more difficult. The piece fitted well at the toe boards, and I decided to install it by gluing one side at a time. The right side fitted fairly well with a minimum of trimming. With that glued in place, I then worked on the left side; which was a bit more difficult. I found that I had to remove some material just forward of the shift lever hole, and add in a little piece (from the scrap) at the rear. Figure 3 shows the results. The kit includes a tube of high temperature silicon sealer to seal all the joints, but I have not done that yet.

MGA Koolmat Kit Fig 4

I thought I was going to be able to cover up to the edge of the shift lever hole, but the tunnel "tower" piece would not seat in place with the added thickness of the insulation. So, I had to cut the insulation away around the hole, as shown in Figure 3. There was enough material among the scraps to cover the tower. Figure 4 shows the tower installed temporarily (no shift lever), and the floor insulation in place - I still have not decided how to route the speedometer cable for the 5-speed! The floor insulation is not glued down, and probably I will leave it that way. The kit I received was for an MGA 1600, with the insulation cut to fit around the starter motor "intrusion"; our Coupe is a 1500 without that intrusion. I found the pieces that had been cut out among the scraps and glued them back in place, as can be seen in Figure 4.

That about concludes the description of my installation. I thought it was going to be more complicated and take up this entire article; now I have to think of something else to write about. Was the kit worth it? In my opinion, an unqualified - YES. It did not cost much more than the cost of material, and the time saved with the fitting was well worth it.

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