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Part# HEATSHIELD: this item is priced on request.

Heat Shield The only shield on the market with 2500°F guts. All others are just a thin or thick sheet of metal.

2500°F Heatmaster Shields

The heatmaster shields need to be incorporated into your plans when heat begins to go beyond 1200°F Temperatures.

If a starter stops working & you must wait to start - This shield can cup the header in the area and stop all heat to the starter.

When you burn a koolsox boot protector, this shield needs to be installed on the header.

When sleeving, good to 1200°F burns - you need to shield the header closest to the wires or oil line, brake line etc.

Not many things can be attached to the exhaust! This is the best on the market!

This item is priced on request please contact us:
Southgate British
Mike Hickman
16 Dexter Road
Southgate, KY 41071
Tel: 859-750-3650

Bulk material is also available per square foot.

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